Veronica Pym Reflections

Counselling, Therapy, Coaching, Supervision 

Assistance is provided through individual, couple and family systems consultations.

A Family Systems approach considers emotional problems in the context of a person’s relationships both past and present. It is the aim of therapy to enable clients to more effectively express themselves in relationship with significant others as they explore how they have developed their current patterns.

Reflection on these patterns opens up the possibility of choice as opposed to being “stuck in a rut”, playing the same scene over and over again…

Yet reflection alone, on your own, is not enough, and sometimes one needs extra assistance to re-calibrate, set  new goals, and work on achieving those through coaching and therapy.

So  why not arrange an appointment to take action, get "unstuck" and get going on achieving  your goals?

What Kind of situations and  challenges?

  •  Depression and Anxiety
  •  Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
  •  Emotional disturbances, eating disorders,  addictions
  • Couples and relationship difficulties
  •  Parenting
  •  For children and adolescents: struggling  with school attendance, peer  relationships, bullying, emerging  independence, emotional dysregulation
  •  Adjusting to stressful life events related to life stages, relationship difficulties, retirement, relocation, migration, etc
  •  Self-esteem and anger management
  • Work related stress and conflict
  • Work-Life balance and goal setting
  • Age-related issues including cognitive  and physical decline
  • Grief and loss